Mitchell Felice Chef & Founder

Mitchell Felice Chef & Founder

Fashion is like eating.
You shouldn’t stick with the same menu.
- Mitchell Felice


My name is Mitchell Felice, the Founder of MEE-Chef.


In 2010, I graduated from the Culinary Management Program at George Brown College.  Since then my expertise in the industry have been called upon by companies such as L-eat Catering, Paese Ristorante, Rose Reisman Catering, Presidential Gourmet Catering, Bell Media, Microsoft product launches, Flare Magazine events at the Toronto Royal Ontario Museum, TIFF, and more!

Through my experience, I have spoken to many chefs and have listened to their complaints about today’s chef wear. A majority of complaints have been: comfort; sizing; and uniqueness. A chef should not have to compromise the fit of an oversized uniform in order to comfortably move while working in the kitchen. This is when I decided to make a change.

A strong influence in my decision to revolutionize chef wear has been my Mother. For the last 30 years, she has lead Toronto’s fashion pattern making and design industry. Being surrounded by her business as a teenager, I came to realize I also had an interest for clothing production. I always enjoyed the thought of improving the quality of fabrics, fits and fashion of our modern day chef wear. That’s when I thought I could use my passion of cooking to help on my new venture.


This is how MEE-Chef came to life!


MEE-CHef is designed to be unique. MEE-Chef is also manufactured and designed in Toronto, Canada. This gives us at MEE-Chef the available infrastructure to produce mass quantities to our lifestyler’s, businesses, hotels and restaurant chains. Our product selection includes men, women, and children’s chef apparel. We also produce jackets, pants, shirts, unique aprons and many accessories.


Female chefs often complain about having to purchase an oversized unisex jacket, that generally don’t fit too comfortably. MEE-Chef has a separate woman’s line to accommodate those who want a more personalized, professional and comfortable chef wear.


 Exclusive designs are also available with customized embroidery. Not only does MEE-Chef carry apparel, we also carry SIKA Shoes that are oil resistant, made with handmade treated leather and heal support that are built to last.


As a chef myself, not only do I want my food to look and taste good, I also want to look and feel great in my uniform.


This is what us at MEE-Chef are about!



When you come from a country with a diverse a landscape as Canada you tend to pick up a few tricks on how to make clothing that's versatile, durable and incredibly pratical. At MEE-CHef, our cloths are inspired and made in Canada and we're now ready to share them with the world. 


Toronto, ON


Monday-Friday 8am - 6pm
Saturday 10:00am - 4pm