Defining The MEE-CHef Standard

Fashion is like eating.
You shouldn’t stick with the same menu.
- Mitchell Felice

For every chef jacket, comes a story. For every apron, a mess or two. With every story and mess comes memories. Memories of the hard work and mess that has come along with every one! Our ideals started with this mentality, and for each and every one of these stories, a thought that helped design MEE-CHef.

When a chef looks for their jacket, they seek to find a companion through the rough journey ahead.

When a barista looks for their apron, they are intrigued by the design.



When a sculptor seeks inspiration for their craft, they seek innovation. 

Each and every person has their own unique flavour of style, and each imagine themselves in their own race to the top. When the road ahead is a long one, sometimes you just need a reminder that you are where you are because you earned it.


Sometimes the materials that are used in the craft help define who you are as an artist. Sometimes they help you push out that extra little effort just to show everyone else why you are where you are.


Sometimes, your just looking for something that demands just as much detail as you do.


What does this all have to do with MEE-CHef?

MEE-CHef was inspired by the same ideals and everyday needs that each and every person has in common, they're seeking something different that will stand out and be made to fit and complement your every need.

MEE-CHef is designed to be fitted for Men, Women, and Kids of all kind.

What exactly does that mean?

It means that all of our products are made to a true fit sizing layout that is designed to compliment the physique you need. No more oversized, unflattering pants and jackets. Only ones that are as comfortable as yoga pants, but are as stylish as your favourite slacks.

The secret?

Innovation and motivation. Oh, And a little addition of spandex and love.

With high standards in how our products are made, we only accept the best materials for production for our jackets, pants and aprons. This allows us to create what we believe you have all been waiting for.

Some ways we're pushing the industry forward is by adding the addition of our RedLine Standard fabric within the materials signified by red stripe. To do this, we've enhanced the seams with double stitching and reinforced them to add enhanced durability so you won't have any loose threads or tears. 


An outfit that will look as good as you do, when you're doing what you love.

MC-Rainbow Hats


With a true fit, ethic manufacturing standards, and exceptional quality of fabrics. MEE-CHef's goal is to create a style that will help push the fashion of apparel forward with our innovative products and forward-thinking mindset. 



We do what we do, so you could look your best doing what you love to do.


-Team MEE-CHef



A Little Bit of Heritage

Founder: Mitchell Felice

In 2010, I graduated from the Culinary Management Program at George Brown College.  Since then my expertise in the industry has been called upon by companies such as L-eat Catering, Paese Ristorante, Rose Reisman Catering, Presidential Gourmet Catering, Bell Media, Microsoft product launches, Flare Magazine events at the Toronto Royal Ontario Museum, TIFF, and more!

Through my experience, I have spoken to many chefs and have listened to their complaints about today’s chef wear. A majority of complaints have been: comfort; sizing; and uniqueness. A chef should not have to compromise the fit of an oversized uniform in order to comfortably move while working in the kitchen. This is when I decided to make a change.

Mitchell Felice  Chef & Founder

Mitchell Felice Chef & Founder

A strong influence in my decision to revolutionize chef wear has been my Mother. For the last 30 years, she has lead Toronto’s fashion pattern making and design industry. Being surrounded by her business as a teenager, I came to realize I also had an interest for clothing production. I always enjoyed the thought of improving the quality of fabrics, fits and fashion of our modern day chef wear. That’s when I thought I could use my passion of cooking to help on my new venture.


This is how MEE-Chef came to life!



When you come from a country with a diverse a landscape as Canada you tend to pick up a few tricks on how to make clothing that's versatile, durable and incredibly pratical. At MEE-CHef, our fabrics are inspired and made in Canada and we're now ready to share them with the world. 


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